ATTENTION: If you're the kind of person who slowly rides their bike to the local cafe to park it there for others to look at; this motorcycle keychain is NOT for you!


If you prefer to push your bike to it's limits, this key tag needs to be on your key! However, don't be surprised if your ridding buddies get a little jealous when they see you with your new motorcycle accessory. They'll likely spot it from a mile away and quickly ask you all about it.

Not only do the fabric tags look amazing, they also will not scratch up your bike and make it easier to get your key out of your pocket!

- Embroidered double-sided " Ride It Like You Stole It! " fabric key rings that can be used as either keychains or zipper pulls.

- It's a double sided, high quality woven tag with embroidered lettering and border.

- Tear and water resistant fabric

- This keychain is a real attention getter and looks amazing on pretty much anything!

- Size:12 cm x 3 cm - 4.72 inch x 1.18 inch.

-100% AWESOME!

Ride It Like You Stole It!