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Are you a big fan of Squid Game and sick of people telling you how much gear to wear?


Then this is the perfect key tag for you!


Not only does this key tag look awesome, it's also pretty useful.

You're probably thinking 'wtf, it's a just a key tag - how can it be useful?'


Well...How many times have you put your gloves on, only to realize your key is still in your pocket? If you're like me, the answer to that is - all the fucking time. With this key tag you can easily pull your key from your pocket even with your gloves on.


These key tags have been made from embroidered fabric. This means they have no sharp corners or edges that could scratch up your motorcycle dash!If you need another reason why you need this key tag, how about this.  This key tag is pretty also big.


This if fantastic if you're the type of person who always loses your key. The size makes it really easy to find and harder to lose.

- Size:12 cm x 3 cm - 4.72 inch x 1.18 inch.

-100% AWESOME!

Squid Life Key Tag

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